Premium Jack - Strain Spotlight

Premium Jack by Zlixir
25.4% THC
High Times Cannabis Cup Winner

Strain Description:

Zlixir's Premium Jack Flower strain originates from the farms of the Netherlands, a sativa-dominant Hybrid cross of Shiva Skunk, Haze and Northern Lights. Growing using precise growing techniques, this Premium Jack eminates sweet, candy-like aromas while offering a uplifting mental invigoration, perfect for managing many conditions during the day.

Strain Review:

This strain will quickly catch anyone’s attention with it’s massive shining nugs. It’s hard to miss the eye-popping trichomes coming off this Premium Jack. The trichome dense Premium Jack surely leaves behind a sticky residue on your fingers.

Premium Jack does not let down on the terpene profile. There is a piney and earthy aroma that is familiar with Jack Herer strains. Zlixir’s Premium Jack also has strong lime flavor in both scent and taste.

This flower has quickly become one of my favorite strains to wake and bake. It always leaves me ready to conquer the day and very clear headed. Not even LA’s terrible traffic can keep the positivity from taking over after smoking this Premium Jack. This strain is one of my favorite sativas and I always find myself going back to it. A true productivity tool, ready to dominate, this strain is perfect for tackling any project.

Pair your Flower w/ Concentrates:

This strain is also available as crumble or shatter.


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