Pacific Coast Healing Medical Marijuana Dispensary & Delivery

860 N Vermont
Los Angeles, CA 90029

Our Mission

Pacific Coast Healing (PCH) first opened our Medical Marijuana Dispensary in 2016. PCH offers a modern & professional dispensary environment. The fast paced Los Angeles lifestyle slows down a few paces when you walk through our doors. The internal staff takes pride in it’s hospitality and are always excited to point out our aggressive daily deals.
Parking is available on “Vermont Avenue” or the side streets of Normal/Burns.
In 2017, Pacific Coast Healing expanded our services to offer delivery in Los Angeles.  We  uncovered a large need to bring dispensary prices, quality, & consistency to the Los Angeles MMJ delivery market.  

Weekly Specials
Sunday 20% Off CBD, Topicals, & Tinctures
Monday $5 Off 1st 1/8th
Tuesday Pick Any Deal
Wednesday 20% Off Concentrates
Thursday 20% Off Edibles
Friday 30% Off All ½ Ounce
Saturday 20% off Vapes
10% Off For

College Students


Cancer Patients


  • *Discounts Cannot Be Combined

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Now Delivering To:

West Hollywood
Echo Park
Los Feliz
East Hollywood

Virgil Village

  Atwater Village  

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Mon-Sun 10:00AM-7:00PM

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